Praise for Life: part-time

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Creative Energy
Very thoughtful look at the life of an Artist.
Complex characters and vivid descriptions of the beautiful Santa Barbara community.Traveling back to 1979 while reading this book will certainly stir memories for all of us who shared that era. The music, the food and the emerging technologies are blended together to create a picture of a simpler time gradually transitioning to a world where creativity is being pushed to the side.
We all need to keep our creative minds flowing.
— Victoria’s Bookshelf


Very Wonderful
This is a totally unique tale that defies categories.
Part romantic comedy, part spiritual wisdom, part sci-fi, part poetry, part travel and leisure. It’s sweet, charming, dramatic, multi-colored and adventurous. From the beginning, the novel feels like it’s telling a story of youthful love and personal growth. But be prepared for some metaphysical surprises that force us to examine our own lives and whether we are living our fullest, truest life. There are some very original concepts in this writing.
I have a strong feeling that parts of this book will stay with me for a long time.
— Rebecca Ortega-Guttman

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