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Life: part-time illustration by Robert M Gerson
Artwork by Robert M Gerson for: Life: part-time
Illustration from the novel Life: part-time by Robert M Gerson
Life: part-time by Robert M Gerson


The power within seeds, art, gardening, songwriting, bookshops, and money intersects in a life-transforming story about relationships and life choices.

Travel to the sun-soaked beaches and secluded mountain canyons of Santa Barbara, California, in the summer of 1979. Discover the secret energy that powers the creativity of a young author/artist’s life and the miraculous relationship that reawakens his destiny.

Santa Barbara, California. Summer of 1979. Nicholas Affini, an author/illustrator at the beginning of his career, invents a nature-based currency while working on a children’s book about ecology. His plant-based currency could change how people earn money and make a living—but the global potential and power of his idea overwhelms him. He abandons his entrepreneurial future and spends the next two years consumed by his job as a marketing art director in the gadgets and gifts mail-order catalog business. That one simple choice unleashes a life-disrupting force around him.

Even after his girlfriend sends a relationship earthquake his way and abruptly leaves, Nicholas ignores all the warning signs that his life is slowly unraveling. Shortly after the breakup, Nicholas encounters Paige Santrelle, an aspiring songwriter. Their chance meeting unlocks a creative connection nurtured by their shared passion for music and art. As their relationship develops, Paige attracts an enigmatic presence that seems to know everything about Nicholas and his internal struggles. Although initially thrown by the experience, she decides to explore her connection to this mystifying being. In the middle of an endless California summer, Paige finds herself on a quest to reconnect Nicholas to his original gifts and life purpose, critical to his survival and future.

Life: part-time is a story of loss, love, and rediscovering the personal courage essential to sustaining an authentic life, strengthened by the invisible depths of human connectivity.

What if you had a once in a lifetime idea that could help people live a meaningful, productive life, but did nothing with your idea?


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Praise for
Life: part-time

Verified Amazon & Goodreads Reviews

Unique Perspective on the Creative Life
A look at the world through artistic eyes and collaborative nature of art and economy. Soul searching for the best ways to tune ourselves into the natural world. Cosmic forces are around us, create.
— Art Luciani

Don’t wait, create!
Creativity, whether it be art, songwriting or writing, often takes a back seat to earning a living. This book, set in Santa Barbara in the late 70s, focuses on Nicholas, a marketing art director who has many creative ideas and talents, but no time or energy to bring them to fruition. After an unexpected break-up, Nicholas meets Paige, a free-flying songwriter who encourages Nicholas to fulfill his dreams with the help of an elusive, character. Enjoy the sights and sounds of a former time in Santa Barbara as the characters discuss music, homelessness, creativity and the concept of seed money. Anyone who has ever put their creativity on the shelf in favor of monetary stability, will empathize with Nicholas and his dilemma.
— S. Takeuchi

What a magical book!
Robert Gerson’s highly imaginative book, a refreshing and exhilarating blend of fantasy, romance and a love letter to the beautiful California village of Santa Barbara, surprised me with its intimate portrait of artists/creative types who never quite get around to realizing their life’s fundamental creative ambitions. I saw the parallels in my own personal experiences and was moved by the supernatural elements that lay just beyond our conscious minds, subtly trying to guide us in the right direction. The protagonist’s quest to create a kinder, gentler form of human currency (“seed money”) is an inspiration to all of us who aspire to transcend their own personal limitations, to become more altruistic, better human beings, and to give something meaningful back to the world.
— Chinski

Very wonderful
This is a totally unique tale that defies categories. Part romantic comedy, part spiritual wisdom, part sci-fi, part poetry, part travel and leisure. It’s sweet, charming, dramatic, multi-colored and adventurous. From the beginning, the novel feels like it’s telling a story of youthful love and personal growth. But be prepared for some metaphysical surprises that force us to examine our own lives and whether we are living our fullest, truest life. There are some very original concepts in this writing. I have a strong feeling that parts of this book will stay with me for a long time.
— Rebecca Ortega-Guttman

Creative Energy
Very thoughtful look at the life of an Artist. Complex characters and vivid descriptions of the beautiful Santa Barbara community. The music, the food and the emerging technologies are blended together to create a picture of a simpler time gradually transitioning to a world where creativity is being pushed to the side. We all need to keep our creative minds flowing.
— Victoria’s Bookshelf